Favorite Games

I like all of the games on this site, of course – I wouldn’t put them up here if I didn’t! But I have to confess that I do play favorites. These are the games that I think are the best of the best and the funnest of the fun. Everybody has a different idea of a good time, but if you want a game that everyone at your party will love, these are the games that I think are your best bets!

Suck for a Buck Bib
What’s better than a fun party game? A fun party game that you get PAID to play! This is a genius idea. You attach candy to the bib, and charge guys $1 to remove it with their mouths. And believe me, you would be very surprised how many guys are willing to do that, The best part is, you can just keep attaching candy if you run out and keep making money with it all night long! Every time I’ve seen this bib in action, it’s more than paid for itself. And it caused a ton of laughs, too!

Pin the Macho on the Man
Remember how fun it was to play pin the tail on the donkey as a kid at birthday parties? Well, guess what, it can still be fun for adults! But not with a donkey; oh, no. You don’t want to have to deal with a smelly ass at your bachelorette party – you’ll be doing enough of that in your marriage! Instead, upgrade that donkey for a hunk, and that tail for, well, just about anything, from a trout to a golf club to eggs and bacon! Make sure you get a good look at all of the pinnable items, because some of them are downright hilarious. This game will definitely have everyone at your party talking and laughing at the silly playing pieces. Remember to get a blindfold to make sure nobody cheats, but honestly, who would cheat on a hunky guy like this?

Where’s Dildo Scavenger Hunt
How do I know that this scavenger hunt is good? Because what could be better than a game with “dildo” in its name?! Oh, and also, I’ve played it. Some of the things you have to find for this are absolutely wild! It comes with six different scavenger hunts (and two copies of each), but you should only need one or two different hunts for a typical party. If you have more guests, though, you could split them into teams and give each team a different list! This is a great way to get the whole party in on a game, and it’s one of my favorites. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve always liked scavenger hunts, but as far as hunts go, this is one of the most entertaining ones out there.

Mr. Wrong Game
This is probably the most creative and original bar game I’ve ever seen. It comes with 36 cards and each one describes a stereotypical guy. And they’ve covered every stereotype out there, from the frat boy and the couch potato to the metrosexual and the tree hugger. Each girl gets a card, and has an hour to go find a guy that fits the stereotype and complete as many of the questions and dares on the card as she can! The questions are pretty tame, the dares can be kind of crazy, but the hardest part is finding some of these stereotypes in the first place! If your friends knew just what clique everybody belonged to back in high school, they’ll probably have the advantage, but with a bit of luck, anyone can win at this!

Willy Whack-It
There are lots of penis-shaped pinatas out there, and they’re all pretty silly, but none are as silly as Willy Whack-It! Just look at those silly faces you can use to decorate him, in case beating an eighteen inch long bright pink penis wasn’t ridiculous enough! But this pinata isn’t just goofy looking, it’s also big enough to fit plenty of penis-shaped candy and durable enough to make it a bit of a challenge! As long as nobody cheats, that is – make sure your girls are wearing a blindfold before they take a swing!