Classy Games

While penis-themed decorations, desserts, and games have been a staple of bachelorette parties for as long as bachelorette parties have existed, not every girl wants to spend her last night out to be all about cheesy multicolored smiling wangs. There are other girls, too, who would love nothing more than to be surrounded by giant novelty dicks, if only grandma wasn’t on the guest list. Here are some “all ages” games that would be appropriate for any bachelorette party, no matter who the bride is or who she’s invited.

Bride-to-Be Charades
Who doesn’t like charades? It’s an old party classic for a reason! This is a great example of a classic game modified to be perfect for bachelorette parties, because all the clue cards are wedding-related. And none of them are obscene! A little tip from me to you – I’ve found that this game gets a whole lot more difficult and a whole lot more fun if it’s played once everyone’s already a little bit tipsy!

Picture It
This is just like pictionary, but without the brand name and with a pool of clues that are all bachelorette themed. This is another classic game turned into a perfect bachelorette party game, but with more of an artistic flair. And just like charades, it gets a lot more difficult and a lot funnier when you’re all tipsy… just don’t wait until you’re past that point or it will become downright impossible!

Drink Master Says
This one’s for all you girls who think that just because you like to keep your parties classy doesn’t mean you don’t like getting totally wasted from time to time. And this game will easily accomplish that. A couple rounds of this will have even the most seasoned ex-sorority girls and borderline alcoholics in your party praying to the porcelain god. And with all the creative rules and challenges in here, no two games will ever be the same. This game is probably the most fun I’ve had getting drunk since college.

Mr. Wrong Game
This is probably the most creative and original bar game I’ve ever seen. It comes with 36 cards and each one describes a stereotypical guy. And they’ve covered every stereotype out there, from the frat boy and the couch potato to the metrosexual and the tree hugger. Each girl gets a card, and has an hour to go find a guy that fits the stereotype and complete as many of the questions and dares on the card as she can! The questions are pretty tame, the dares can be kind of crazy, but the hardest part is finding some of these stereotypes in the first place! If your friends knew just what clique everybody belonged to back in high school, they’ll probably have the advantage, but with a bit of luck, anyone can win at this!

Drink & Dare Bingo Game
This is your standard bingo game, but with a twist – instead of numbers, the spaces are marked by bachelorette party phrases like “flirt” and “sexy” and “male stripper!” This is probably the raunchiest of the games I consider clean, because there are a couple of phrases in here that might make the shyest girls blush, like “nice buns” and “flash ’em.” But they’re nothing you can’t handle with a drink in you, right? A couple more and you’ll be yelling out those phrases with pride! This is a great way to embarrass the more reserved bride-to-be a little without completely disgusting her.