Bar Games

There’s all kinds of fun things at the bar: the drinks, the guys, the bartenders who make you feel young by asking to see your ID. They’re the perfect place for a wild and fun night out with friends, and that’s why they’re the location of so many bachelorette parties. So what could make a trip out to the bar even more fun? Games, games, and more games! These are some of the best games I’ve found to play at the bar, mostly because they let you take advantage of the bar’s most plentiful resource: all the unsuspecting guys!

Bachelorette Bar Challenge
There are quite a few of these dare-type games out there, but this is definitely one of my favorites. I’ll confess, part of why I like it so much is the packaging – just look how elegant and classy it looks! But when you open the dare cards up, well, some of them are anything but classy! I like this game because it has some really funny and creative dares, and there’s a big range of how embarrassing they are, so you should be able to convince every girl at your party, no matter how shy or prude, to get out there and do something by the end of the night!

Buzzed Bands
Buzzed Bands is a great bachelorette party game that you can play at home or at the bar, and it serves a dual purpose. Not only does it have a dare game included – you have to do the dare written on your band or else drink – but it’s also a great way to make sure your drinks get mixed up; just put your uniquely colored band around your cup or beer bottle and everyone will know it’s yours!

Suck for a Buck Bib
What’s better than a fun party game? A fun party game that you get PAID to play! This is a genius idea. You attach candy to the bib, and charge guys $1 to remove it with their mouths. And believe me, you would be very surprised how many guys are willing to do that, The best part is, you can just keep attaching candy if you run out and keep making money with it all night long! Every time I’ve seen this bib in action, it’s more than paid for itself. And it caused a ton of laughs, too!

Mr. Wrong Game
This is probably the most creative and original bar game I’ve ever seen. It comes with 36 cards and each one describes a stereotypical guy. And they’ve covered every stereotype out there, from the frat boy and the couch potato to the metrosexual and the tree hugger. Each girl gets a card, and has an hour to go find a guy that fits the stereotype and complete as many of the questions and dares on the card as she can! The questions are pretty tame, the dares can be kind of crazy, but the hardest part is finding some of these stereotypes in the first place! If your friends knew just what clique everybody belonged to back in high school, they’ll probably have the advantage, but with a bit of luck, anyone can win at this!

What the Fuck Game
This is the craziest game I’ve ever played at a bachelorette party by far. The rules are nothing crazy – take turns asking a question, and everyone else has to guess which answer you’ll choose – but the questions are some of the most ridiculous and messed up things out there. They named it what they named it for a reason. Here’s a sample question:
What would you rather share a bubble bath with? A) a spastic leper or B) two rats and a porcupine?
And that’s not even anywhere near the craziest question in the pack. But if all of your guests are, um, open-minded enough to play this, it will have you all laughing nonstop all night long.